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Care Command Center Flow Technology

Patient and resource tracker boards and communications technology

How we help our clients flourish

Care Command Center (CCC) is an agile Intelligent Business Solutions Productivity Package designed to tackle the problems inherently associated with Cath Lab Management. Our solution targets performance improvement in three key areas: Flow, Staffing, & Quality

IBS uses extensive clinical expertise to identify and implement significant healthcare efficiencies. Collaboration, accountability, streamlined deployment and continually training are key elements to sustaining a successful heart program.

The benefits of a high performing team

  • A state of efficiency promotes teamwork and collaboration across your care continuum
  • Teamwork and efficiency are key drivers of improved patient outcomes
  • Accountability improves quality and minimizes errors
  • Open Communication resolves concerns and issues in real time
  • Sustainability that is nurtured by actionable data creates an environment of learning and growth
  • Eliminating operational uncertainty allows your team to focus on patient outcomes